Horse Inn

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540 East Fulton Street, Lancaster
717-392-5528 or
Hours of operation: Tuesday-Thursday, 5 p.m.-12 a.m.; Friday & Saturday, 5 p.m.-1 a.m. No reservations.

Explore the offerings and experience the history at the Horse Inn. Its tenure as a restaurant dates to the 1920s. The Shaub family renovated the hayloft into a speakeasy for neighbors to congregate and share a drink. Current owners Matt and Starla Russell have made numerous improvements to the building.

The iconic restaurant uses fresh ingredients daily, many of which are sourced locally. The restaurant’s “Farmers & Friends” include Stoner Veggies, Lapp Family Farm, Rooster Street Butcher, Groff’s Veggies, Lancaster Coffee Roasters and more.

According to the Horse Inn’s website, “While the menu is routinely tweaked, we also strive to deliver a slice of comfort with dishes our diners have come to love in the years since we opened in 1920. Each day the chalkboard menu is updated based off the food that is available and determined by a culinary school trained chef and staff. Our focus is on a few high-quality dishes, each receiving plenty of attention and a good helping of inspiration.”

Some of the restaurant’s well-known dishes that remain on the menu year-round include Horse Fries, the Horse Inn Cheeseburger, and, of course, the infamous Tips N’ Toast.

Don’t forget to purchase a classic cocktail – each drink is served with a nod to the Horse Inn’s history as a speakeasy – or a craft brew.